Domain Protection Marks List (DPML)

The security system added to that of the TMCH, introduced by Donuts.

Donuts introduced an additional security system that is applied before the Sunrise period, called DPML (Domain Protected Marks List).
This Rights Protection Mechanism tool is geared towards those who are interested in protecting a brand by blocking all the extensions that Donuts will handle, without having to pay the annual maintenance fee for each domain or by participating in the various Sunrise phases.

In order to prevent cybersquatting, Donuts allows trademark owners to block in advance, domains that correspond to their trademark (exact match), since they have been previously validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse, for a 5-year period.

A domain blocked in this manner will not be functional.

The advantage of this solution is that the cost to protect the same number of domain names is significantly lower than the annual payment of the same number of domains for 5 years, with a cost of around 2-3 euros / year for each domain.

This mechanism has the sole purpose of protecting the trademark but does not restrict the use of the domain name by homonymous trademark owners.
This means that blocking a certain domain can be overridden at anytime if another trademark owner decides to participate in the Sunrise.
Obviously even those who blocked a name using this mechanism can participate in the Sunrise to try to register it and use it.

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Protect your brand by blocking all the extensions managed by Donuts.


  • Block about 300 extensions at an incredibly low cost
  • protect your identity online in a single moment

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