.Africa domain sunrise

Below is an in-depth study of the operation and rules of the Sunrise period of .africa domains. Unlike other new domains, the trademark validation bodies are two: Trademark Clearinghouse (the traditional TMCH) and Mark Validation System (MVS).

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.Africa domain sunrise

The new .africa domain is the ideal TLD throughout the African continent, as it covers 54 countries on the second largest continent in the world!

The registration of a new .africa domain is strategic for all those who are already operating in Africa, but also for those who are thinking of emerging in the market of African countries.
The Registry for .africa domains, in fact, expects a very high demand for registration, similar to what happened for the .EU and .ASIA domains.

The new .africa domain is also a viable alternative to all African country-like domains such as .co.za (Republic of South Africa), .cf (Central African Republic), .dz (Algeria) and .ma (Morocco) domains, very often complicated and expensive to register.

.africa domain sunrise

Registering a .africa domain is a very important step towards protecting your name on the net and on the African continent.

During the Sunrise period (ending June 2) the registration of .africa domains will be reserved exclusively for holders of trademarks that are registered* and validated by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) or through the Mark Validation System (MVS).

This is a substantial novelty compared to the other Sunrise periods of other new domains: the introduction of a second validator entity in addition to the traditional TMCH.

features of the Mark Validation System (or MVS)

  • Exclusive for the .africa domains
  • Ability to also validate company names, trust names, and common law marks (for which two usage tests are required)
  • Cheaper than the TMCH

It is important to know, however, that claims made on the basis of a TMCH validated trademark will be processed and allocated before those based on a MVS validated trademark, but only if there are no conflicts; otherwise it will be the trademark with the highest priority that reflects the eligibility criteria.
In the case they are tied, there will be an auction.

At the end of the Sunrise, there will be the Early Access Program, which will last until July 31, during which registrations will be at a higher price, decreasing over the days, compared to the normal annual registration price.

Lastly, as of August 2, there will be the actual opening of the domain to the public: finally anyone can register a .africa domain!

Our advice? Register your name right under the .africa extension so you can also clearly identify your online business on the African continent!

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